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          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

          Ultimate Guide on How To Use Digital Files.

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There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again
— Elizabeth Lawrence

10130 Falls Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854


Yellowhale Photography specializes in newborn, baby, child and family photography using natural light and settings to create pure and captivating images. A professional photographer with a thriving business, Kyung Jung is based in the Washington, DC area. She travels throughout the District, Northern Virginia and Maryland turning life’s precious moments into contemporary and vibrant memories. For more information, please contact Kyung at 202-870-6773 or info@yellowhale.com.


Frequently asked questions are listed for clients' to view and learn about yellowhale services.

what is the session fee?

the experience fee covers the time and talent of the photographer taking pictures and editing individual images. it also includes a 2 hour design consultation, wardrobe planning and shopping, 1-2 hours of portrait session (depending on what custom experience was designed for),  a two hour selection meeting to help selecting the best images and products to display them for your home. at yellowhale, every portrait experience is custom designed to fit your need and style and no portrait sessions are a like. 



our spring sessions are booked 8 weeks in advance. fall sessions for september to november are 16 weeks in advance.


what should we wear?

we love to see lots of textures and layers when we dress for picture. not fancy, not formal, not stiff – but something that you can feel comfortable and great when you wear. many of our clients go out for fun shopping about two weeks before the session and bring much more outfits than needed for the session. we would like 2-3 outfit changes and that is all, but when we have choices, we will have a lot more fun! whatever that are not worn at the session, you can always return! accessories including scarves, hats, rain boots, umbrella, and kids costume that they love to be in are great, too.

for family/group shots, coordinating without overly matching is important. for example, everyone wears jeans and white shirts. you could choose a different shade or hue that are complementary to each other. also try not to mix the style of clothing like daddy wears a tie and jacket while the son wears a T shirts and jeans.

we’ve been pinning our favorite outfit suggestions on our pinterest board and we will be sending a guide with lots of pictures and places to shop links when you book your session with us.


where should we get our session done?

including our beautiful modern studio located at heart of Potomac Village in MD, there are tons of great locations around DC, Maryland and Virginia. Depending on the age group of our subjects, we can suggest multiple locations including urban setting, country session, rustic setting or even beach location. Many of our clients take advantage of staying in their home and use a nearby park, back yard and the living room for their sessions. The goal is to capture the most wonderful memory of you and your family, not a great landscape anyway. It really helps if you go through our website and learn what setting attracts you the most and we can definitely discuss it when we book your session.


how long will our session last?

our portrait experiences can take one hour to three hours depending on how it is custom designed to fit your need and style. it is best recommended not to schedule other engagement right after the portrait session so that we are not in a rush to finish up the session. 


what if it rains?

it happens less often than you’d imagine, but if it does sprinkles, we are happy to reschedule. we will make the judgement call at 8:00 AM for morning sessions and at 12:00 PM for afternoon sessions on the day of the session. we may postpone the session till it gets clear or move the location to our studio where we can still get beautiful images while it is raining outside.  the weather changes frequently in our states Maryland /DC/Virginia, we have not had much occasion that we had to cancel it completely.


what should we bring or prepare for the session?

whatever means a lot to you and you want to photograph with is a must. from a hand me down blanket, family treasure,  a special gift from family and friends for newborn session to bottled water, snack, favorite toys, extra diapers and all the necessary stuff to make your little one nice and comfy. sometimes, the parents go creative to add a huge lollipop that is as big as a child’s face or rainbow color balloons to their session to bring the happiest smiles out, too. we are all about making your session fun and happy!


what are difference bet LIFE STYLE experience and CELEBRITY experience?

both experiences are designed to capture the essence of the subjects. lifestyle portrait experience is focusing to the connection, interaction, candid, and organic life. it can be done at the studio, other locations, or at your house. it is best for family, newborn, maternity, siblings portraits.

celebrity portrait experience is more focusing the current passion and talent of a subject. it is best for 6-16 years old child with lots of fun activities that she loves. your child will feel like a star of the day while being photographed in commercial lighting and backdrops and have fun doing what she is passionate about. 


do you offer any mini sessions?

we offer very limited occasion mini sessions at select locations including our studio, near by gardens, or at a special event. It is up to 20 minutes and has a particular theme or setting. they are announced by our NEWSLETTER only and does fill up quickly. (click here to sign up our private mailing list).  it is great to get quick updates of your growing child at a significantly low investment.


do you offer any baby plan COLLECTION to document the baby’s first year?

absolutely! it is one of our most popular packages among our expectant moms and new moms. We have a wonderful - and much flexible way to build your own baby plan. please inquire for more details.


how long does it take to view our images after the session?

within 2 weeks from the session date, you will be coming back to the studio to view the images from the session. viewing meeting is scheduled during the day or evening hours of weekdays. viewing the gallery is highlight of the entire portrait experience. no on line gallery is available.


how many images will I see from my session?

you will view at least 20 images from a studio experience, 35 images from our signature experience. day in the life experience and luxury experience may vary depending on the session.


how long do you archive images?

ordered images are archived and for up to a year.


how much so your clients typically spend?

most of our clients spend an average of $5,000~$12,000


do you offer gift certificate?

yes, we do offer gift certificates in any amount starting at $500. It comes in 5×7 folded card with an envelope and we are happy to ship to the recipient on your behalf or to you.


do you offer payment plan?

we do offer an amazing payment plan for all orders of $1500 or more. The payment can be split into three or more, interest-free monthly installments. You can secure your first payment with a credit card, and your signed agreement will permit us to bill the same card for subsequent payments.  you will be getting more information when you are ready to place your order.


do you have a referral program?

yes! we not only very appreciate our clients’ word of mouth referrals to friends we graciously thank our clients for sharing positive experience about the studio and your time with us. when you tell your friends about us and they book a session, you will automatically receive a $100 gift certificate, good towards your next session at the studio towards session fees, products or design services.


when is the best age to have my baby photographed?

for newborn sessions, it is best to photograph within the first week of life. 4 month, 7 month and 12 month old are good as each time the babies reach a very special milestone.